Yes, it's a virus. It didn't necessarily come from John, though.
Often, when a virus goes through someone's address book to find new
people to mail itself to, it also mails itself out *as* those people,
forging the sender address. I get a lot of bounces of virus mail I
supposedly sent out, when I know for a fact I'm not infected (I run
Linux, for one thing, which is immune to the viruses in question).

So, yes, someone has a virus. No, it isn't necessarily us. And that
means you're going to be getting more mail like that, no matter who here
disinfects his computer. Just get used to the forms of spam/virus mail
and don't open anything unexpected.

suzmccarth wrote:

>Here is another technical question. I have been receiving some spam
>from members of this group. John Cowan included. They come with
>weird bywords like "read this now" or "this is for you" and
>attachments. So either, John Cowan and others, you really sent me
>these attachments or someone has a virus. I don't want to blame
>anyone for this. It is not a great number, maybe 5 or 6. Is anyone
>getting spam from me?