Marco Cimarosti wrote:


> [quotes from Unicode charts snipped]

> So, apparently, there are three totally unrelated letters which
> have been called "stigma" in the course of time:
> 1) an old sigma+tau ligature (encoding: 03C3 followed 03C4);
> 2) a cursive form of digamma (encoding: 03DA or 03DC), called
> "stigma" because it looks like (1) above;
> 3) the final form of lowercase sigma (encoding: 03C2), called
> "stigma" because it looks like (2) above (which, in turns, looks
> like (1)!).
> Considering the bracketed explanation in your document, I would say
> that the correct transcription is (1), although that makes the
> bracketed explanation quite ridiculous:

Update: It's not a Stigma!

The answer (for the curious) is at the bottom of the updated URL above,
where I also question Unicode relegating Coptic to "just plain old Greek
plus seven extra letters".