Jelks Cabaniss scripsit:

> The answer (for the curious) is at the bottom of the updated URL above,
> where I also question Unicode relegating Coptic to "just plain old Greek
> plus seven extra letters".

The next version of Unicode will disunify Coptic and Greek, adding alfa,
vida, gamma, dalda, eie, sou (Coptic stigma, used only as a number), zata,
hate, thethe, iauda, kapa, laula, mi, ni, ksi, o, pi, ro, sima, tau, ua,
fi, khi, psi, oou, Akhmimic kei, and ro with stroke, in upper and lower case
forms; also the symbols mi-ro, khi-ro, and Khristos; Coptic full stop; and Coptic

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