At 09:36 PM 1/16/2003 +0000, etaonsh <etaonsh@...> wrote in response to my quoted material:

> Perhaps Etaonsh can start his own
group to discuss the topics his is
obviously interested in, and be
allowed to invite the members of
this list to join?
Thank you for thinking about me,
Barry, at this time of trial. I have
always had a group of my own
advertised on my profile, Sawndspel

Good. Say so once, and invite people to continue this discussion if they are so inclined on what would be considered by the owner (you!) to be a more appropriate forum. Then take the discussion there and leave it there even if no one from here follows you.

I know some, but not all of the people you have been antagonizing. They might just well follow. they just don't want to discuss it here. Get it? Good!

aware of qalam. I don't really know
everyone here, but Sharon, Suzanne
and yourself have momentarily come
to my attention as possible allies.

I don't know Sharon but I do know Suzanne, and while I don't claim to speak for either of them, I don't think you should treat this mailing list as one that needs to split along factional lines. Most of us participate on a number of lists together and work together collegially. I think you will not find anyone already on this list that will speak up on your behalf, certainly not me. Sorry in advance if you are disappointed, but keep the flames to yourself if there are any.

Barry Caplan
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