hi all,

i've just posted two pdf's of essays i've written, i'd love to hear
your thoughts if they are of any interest to you - stephen mentioned
ge'ez numbering systems and i remembered i had them and they might be
nice to post. I'm currently looking into graduate/doc programs to study
african writing systems - if anyone has any advice as to where or how
or with whom to study it is more than welcomed.

Of the two essays there is on on ge'ez - with some mention of the
number complexities. Though i should that the general tone of the essay
is a bit more afrocentric than i might agree with nowadays. The other
one is actually just the outline of a larger one about the Tuareg
Tifinar script (which, stephen, may have a numerical value as well). A
while back i posted to the list asking for leads on it and really didnt
get any, though i found enough info eventually. I'd love to hear what
you think.


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