xeeniseit wrote:
> hello everybody


> [...] that's why i adapt other writing systems to my
> language (usually a southern german dialect). i've done this e.g.
> with devanagari, hangul, tengwar. [...]

So, I'm not the only one who wastes his time with this kind of games. :-)

> just to give you an idea about what i do, i've put a sample of the
> system i like most on the net at
> http://machhezan.tripod.com/sorpresa.gif . It's spanish (which has a
> very simple syllabic structure), and the structure of the writing
> system is similar to the hangul. [...] if
> you would like to, i could try to explain the system, but it would
> take me some time.

Before you explain the system, could you just reveal the first few syllables
of the Spanish text written in the sample? I am curious to see if I or
somebody else can figure out how the script works.