hello everybody

about me:

as y'all can see, i have found this list. my interest in writing
systems is of a double nature: i'm as interested in the phonology as
in the calligraphy. unfortunately, i don't speak any languages with a
non-roman alphabet. that's why i adapt other writing systems to my
language (usually a southern german dialect). i've done this e.g.
with devanagari, hangul, tengwar. i specially love the latter, the
writing system J.R.R. Tolkien invented.

the reason i'm here:

i've developped some writing systems by myself. i'm not sure if you
people are interested in invented phonological calligraphic. anybody
with a similar interest? anybody heard about something similar out
there in the web (or elsewhere)?

just to give you an idea about what i do, i've put a sample of the
system i like most on the net at
http://machhezan.tripod.com/sorpresa.gif . It's spanish (which has a
very simple syllabic structure), and the structure of the writing
system is similar to the hangul. of course it isn't very readable at
all, but it's just for calligraphics. the idea is to have each
syllable in a quadrate and consonant and vowel upon each other. if
you would like to, i could try to explain the system, but it would
take me some time.