Peter_Constable@... wrote:
> On 11/12/2001 06:59:50 AM "Peter T. Daniels" wrote:
> >I, and Michael, have already said that I don't see any reason to. It's
> >not interesting. You, and Lars, have been asked for reasons why it would
> >be interesting.
> Again, I provide various reasons why some people might find it reason, in
> spite of your assertion that they have no basis for taking an interest.
> You did not respond to those reasons, but instead have replied that I was
> asked for reasons why it would be interesting. Given that I have already
> answered that, it once again appears that you're not even reading what I'm
> writing.

I'm not asking about "some people."

And since these messages are unthreaded, and have no "Reference" to
click on to see what they respond to, you really do need to provide some
context. If that means cutting and pasting the previous response where
you say you answered Michael and me, then please do so!
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