Peter_Constable@... wrote:
> On 11/12/2001 07:03:09 AM "Peter T. Daniels" wrote:
> >> More to the point, though, I have suggested reasons why someone might
> be
> >> interested in a comparisonof scripts based on synchronic properties,
> and
> >> you have not shown all of those reasons to be invalid. I hope you will
> >> concede, then, that there's nothing wrong with others wanting to pursue
> >> that endeavour even if it holds no interest for you.
> >
> >Then why do you keep nagging _me_ about it?
> I'm nagging you? You've told Lars and me that our interest is totally
> unfounded, and when we've explained why we have an interest you've simply
> reiterated that our interest is unfounded. If you don't want me to provide
> a justification for my interests, then why did you bother to ask for it?

But you don't do that, and you keep asking *me* to provide justification
for the sort of endeavor the two of you want to pursue!
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