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Dear all!

Could somebody help me with tips on where Korean
fonts can be downloaded, or rather, if there is a way
to Koreanize on my Western keyboard?

On the Microsoft website (*http://www.microsoft.com*),
you'll find IMEs (input management editors) for
Korean, Chinese (few differing modes), and Japanese�as
well as several CJK-compliant fonts.
To use an IME, you click on the Textbox, and type (in
primitive romanization, of course) your Korean
(Chinese, or Japanese) text; then�click on Insert.
The IME will then insert the text typed into your
application in the proper UniHan characters (a box may
pop up with several alternant choices). You'll find
the IME method for such languages that use syllabic
signs &/or ideograms (Amharic would also be among
them) is better/easier than trying to input all those
signs using your keyboard alone (either through
complex mapping, or by using code numbers input).
Thank You!

Robert Lloyd Wheelock
Augusta, ME USA

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