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> Some examples appears to be something in the Midle Age if
> one thinks that Alb. "doktuer" is seen as a loan from
Latin "doctore".
> Beside of this , the Latin group "pt" shows two treatments in two
> captiare > kapshoy

-pti- (i became a consonant) is different to -pt-, as -pt- is
different to -p-.

> discaptare > diktoj

But what did we get here as an intermediate stage. -skpt-? No
wonder the development of the whole is not the sum of the
development of the parts! Moreover, at such a point, -pt- has
ceased to be an intervocalic cluster!

> Now to Rom. Lang. The "kt" group is seen not just as regular "pt"
> too as "t" in words as "unt" < unctum", "untura" > unctura".

We discussed this sort of development of -nct-, in relationship to
the development of Latin _sanctus_, on Cybalist in
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cybalist/message/23333 and its thread.

> Interesting aspect :
> -it ought to mention something very strange. Albanian share with
> almost 100 substratual words, but just 39 Latin words; the rest of
> words are shared by Albanian with the rest of Romance. How is that
> explain ?

Why is that a problem? If Romance had more independent branches,
there'd be even fewer Latin words surviving only in Romanian and