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> I've just approved a couple of messages posted by Alex a few years
> ago. They got stuck in the "pending messages" box. I apologise for
> the delay, Alex; it was an unintentional oversight on my part.
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no problem Piotr. I think is more better you allowed them just now.
Meanwhile I searched about the treatment of this "kt" and "x" in
Albanian Vegliote and Romanian and I found out there are some very
interesting things too see.
For Albanian material I used the compialtion of Harald Haarman & Cabej &
In Albanian it seems there are 17 words given as deriving from Latin
where the group "kt" presents different treatments:
(n)kt >(m)t
kt >ft
kt >kt
kt >k
kt >t
To me it seems there are too many treatments of this "kt" group and
there should be explained just trough different time as the words have
been loaned. Some examples appears to be something in the Midle Age if
one thinks that Alb. "doktuer" is seen as a loan from Latin "doctore".
Beside of this , the Latin group "pt" shows two treatments in two words:
captiare > kapshoy
discaptare > diktoj

Now to Rom. Lang. The "kt" group is seen not just as regular "pt" but
too as "t" in words as "unt" < unctum", "untura" > unctura".
The group "nkt" > mpt >mt ( strinctus > strâmpt(OldRom & Reg.) >
strâmt( actual word)
For this change it seems OK to me since np, nb > mp, mb in Rom ( these
phonetical interdiction I mentioned long time ago).

Interesting aspect :
-it ought to mention something very strange. Albanian share with Rom.
almost 100 substratual words, but just 39 Latin words; the rest of Latin
words are shared by Albanian with the rest of Romance. How is that to
explain ?