I would like to know what you think or, also, information about
what can be the biological base for such tiny language units as are
phonems. Well, let me explain it better, phonems have an articulatory
aspect wich is biological, may be to this respect it is more relevant the
mode of articulation (stop, fricative) than the point of articulation (labial,
dental, alveolar, etcetera. There is also a biological aspect in hearing.
Nevertheless, what I try to ask for is if are known or if there are theories
about the neurological aspects either of phonems perception or of generation
and how is the capability to use phonems relatable to the genetic and epigenetic
questions. Particularly if phonems could be considered innate or if they
depend in other features like a deeper capability for patterns cognition
and abstraction (relational asociation between different kinds of perceptions).

I hope to have been able to clarify enought the interrogation.
I wait for your ideas or information.

Your cordially,