I hasten to forward the following notice to Cybalist and phoNet members. It sounds like very useful advice.
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From: indravayu
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Sent: Friday, March 29, 2002 7:56 PM
Subject: [con-celtic] Listowner's Notice

Dear listmembers,
I have just received the following email (attached below). I have
verified that it is indeed true and I recommend that you follow the
email's instructions to avoid receiving spam mail courtesy of Yahoo!.
Chris Gwinn

>Yahoo decided to set every single user ID to receive "marketing
>communications" - otherwise known as spam mail - and enrolled
everyone for
>all but one of their information lists:
>   a.. New Yahoo! features and events.
>   b.. Exclusive offers, online sales, and shopping tips on Yahoo!
>   c.. Travel specials and exclusive deals.
>   d.. Managing personal finances.
>   e.. Entertainment, games, and sports.
>   f.. Finding a job or an employee.
>   g.. Meeting someone special or a new friend.
>   h.. Staying in touch with friends and participating in online
>   i.. Managing my time and contacts.
>   j.. Using Yahoo! for research and surfing the Web.
>   k.. Building web sites for personal or professional use.
>   l.. Ways to sell things on Yahoo!.
>   m.. Tools for growing and managing a business
>If you're like me and would rather NOT get these emails, click on the
>following link:
>You will be prompted to log-in, then click on the link labeled "Edit
>marketing preferences", and select all of the options to "No".
>This is not a hoax - view the link and see for yourself. 
>If you want proof and don't trust the above link, type in
www.yahoo.com into
>your browser so you know you're visiting Yahoo.  Then click on the
>round "My" button on the top with the text "Personalize" under it. 
>will take you to my.yahoo.com
>Now on the top of the page is a link labeled "Account Info".  Click
on it.
>You will be prompted for your password.  Enter it and click on the
>button.  Now click on the link labeled "Edit your marketing
>Feel free to share with others you may know with Yahoo ID's but
>remember to trim out the excess header info.
>-John Bartlett