Piotor knows me. I confess to all of you I have had all of my front
teeth extracted in the process of receiving some rather expensive

Doing eff and vee are not that difficult. Thorn/edh are also easy.
Why? Well, I still have the teeth to the left and right of the
canines, upper and lower, as well as the upper canines (my lower
canines are still dry sockets; they were messy and still painful

I brux when I'm awake (I have Tourette Syndrome), and both of my
parents and all of my five siblings resent the sound of me grinding my
teeth into expensive dentistry.

Well, Piotr, I think you have some questions about what my tougue is
doing to to North Midlands (Standard) AmE. So do I. Ask me. Teach me.

Without one's front teeth, the only real loss I know of is the Spanish
interdental fricative (English has thorn and edh; Spanish has theta).
But I have my side teeth, and it's actually fake-able. All these
dentals: that you can do them without the teeth raises questions.

My family knows of my present ugly conditon. Piotr, give me questions
to ask them! What is my current phonological disability! Tell me what
noises I should attempt without any serious teeth.