>   I've read somewhere that native dialect of J. F. Kennedy has the
>   same identical features. He used to pronounce
/idea/ and similar
>   words with a final /-r/, and to have a
plenty of /-ah-/.
>   *** JFK's accent was educated and elite,
two factors I did
>   mention in my assessment of
dialects.  His pitch was also higher,
>   smoother, and

IMO the Kennedy family have their own dialect. I've travelled all
over Massachusetts and I have yet to speak to anyone with the same
kind of accent. What's most interesting to me is that people in the
far northwestern part of the state have a southern accent. Last year
I was in a town called Williamstown (IIRC) and it sounded like I was
in the deep south.
***  I think if you had been present at Harvard when JFK attended
you might have heard similar accents.  Also, Williamstown in the
Berkshires is home to Williams College and attracts Mohawk Trail
leaf gawkers in autumn and Tanglewood audiences in summer. 
This might account for the large number of southern accents you
heard.  Or maybe all the folks there are readying themselves to
vote for Edwards in the upcoming primary << grin >>.