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> Hello, dear Gerry!
> *** Yo to you Marco.
> I've read somewhere that native dialect of J. F. Kennedy has the
> same identical features. He used to pronounce /idea/ and similar
> words with a final /-r/, and to have a plenty of /-ah-/.
> *** JFK's accent was educated and elite, two factors I did
> mention in my assessment of dialects. His pitch was also higher,
> smoother, and softer.

IMO the Kennedy family have their own dialect. I've travelled all
over Massachusetts and I have yet to speak to anyone with the same
kind of accent. What's most interesting to me is that people in the
far northwestern part of the state have a southern accent. Last year
I was in a town called Williamstown (IIRC) and it sounded like I was
in the deep south.