No way do I locate the Urheimat of IE in Morocco. I tend to be
convinced by Mallory's location in the Ukrainian steppe north of te
Black Sea. Rather I see the Afro-Asiatic/Nostratic languages sharing
a common origin in the Ateriuan cultures of the Saharan pluvial
(30,000 BCE), with Nostratic being confined to the Middle East after
Kebaran times (15,000 BCE), and diseminiating with Mesolithic
cultures from the mountain belt stretching from the Taurus to the
Zagros centred in the Zarzian culture 12,000 BCE.

Please don't misquote me.



--- In nostratic@..., "Glen Gordon" <glengordon01@...> wrote:
> Gerry:
> >Dear Glennie,
> >Who is locating "the homeland" north of the Black Sea other than
> >Madame Kuzmina (likely built on info from Gimbutas who placed it in
> >the Russian Steppe)?
> The sane people :)
> >Ivanov and Gamkrelidze locate the Indo-Iranian motherland in
western Iran.
> That's nice. They also posit ludicrous phonemes that haven't gained
> acceptance
> at all, and their glottalic idea, while typologically reasonable,
> guarantee that the final stage of IE had ejectives. It remains on
the fringe
> of IE studies. When spoken in comparison to other IE theories, it
is most
> often mentioned as a side-note or an afterthought.
> >John Croft
> 'Nuff said. John's ideas are very unique to the world. John seems
to be deep
> into the archaeology but hasn't shown any deep understanding of IE
> morphology
> last time I checked. When speaking of the IE language, there has to
be a
> knowledge of the language first, archaeology second, not vice
versa. Sorry,
> John. Just my sharp-tongued opinions again.
> >Renfrew has placed it in Turkey and Lamberg-Karlovsky in Pakistan.
> But the question is why anyone would place it there. Anatolian
> appear to be from elsewhere, displacing original inhabitants of the
> You'd expect loanwords back and forth between IE and other Anatolian
> languages but where are they??
> >Polosmak has placed it in the Altai.
> Well, then. Who are we to argue with Polo... Polo-who? Nobody
places it in
> the Altai Mountains unless they want to be funny or lunatic.
> >In a recent lecture at Stanford, J.P. Mallory identified the Indo-
> >homeland not as a single geographic spot but as a sweeping swatch
of land
> >extending from Ireland/GB in the north to N. Africa in the south
> >extending across Eurasia (via Egypt and the Middle East) to the
> >Mongolia, and Russia. He didn't include China or other East Asian
> >countries.
> And that is the least sensical of all since the IE language must
surely have
> been in a localized area at one time for it to be a parent of the
> languages now in Europe and India! How on earth could a language
> cohesive across such a broad area? Get real.
> - love gLeN
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