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>Now what?

This is when you switch sides and agree with me.
GRW:  No way, Glennie.  This is where you switch from your original diatribe and begin agreeing with me.  For verification, simply review previous posts.

>SIMPLE.  Since language isn't found in the PHYSICAL remains, it's
>all speculative.

Ah, now you got it. It's called comparative linguistics. It's a
study involving pure theory. Yes, it _is_ all "speculative".
GRW:  I've never had difficulty with "pure theory".  Comparative linguistics, like many other disciplines, remains speculative.  No problem.  I like theory.

>All of us are bundles of twisted irony.  Rather than simply dwell on the
>physical evidence (archaeology) one needs to
>add conjecture to tell tales of the lifeways.  How's that for an
>about face?

I don't see the irony. Any professor will tell you that we need
theory to make sense of the world we live in. This is true for
psychology as well as quantum physics.
GRW: Don't know what you're driving at Glennie.  I've never had difficulty with theory although I "would" think the scientific types can only assemble and reassemble data.  No theory in those heads.

>Isn't "rubbish" a favorite term of yours?  I shall borrow it an
>claim that comparative linguistics is "rubbish".  So is language
>evolution.  Now it's your turn to prove me wrong.

Well, isn't somebody a grumpy bear today? Frankly my dear I don't
give a damn whether you believe that c.ling. is rubbish.
GRW:  From the mouth of a grumpy bear I sometimes say that c.ling is plain ole 'bish!  And frankly I don't give a damn Scarlett whether or not you like it but hey, I'm having difficulty in determining whether or not c.ling is an area worth pursuing.  Could ya, kinda help me out in deciding?

>Name me ONE area that today has speakers who only know
>ONE language and I'll kiss a frog.

Moose Jaw, Alberta :) Start puckering up.
GRW:  Moose Jaw!  And what lang. pray tell do those Albertans speak?  Hey, are you telling me there is only one person living in M. J.? 

>Your maps that you love to draw keep changing on a monthly basis.

Evolution, baby. If you don't evolve, you'll stay an amoeba forever.
GRW:  Go for it Glennie.  Evolve, evole, evolve.
Love and Kisses,

- love gLeN

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