Hi Mona,
Looks good at first glance.  I will go through it in detail when I come back next week.
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hi there,
thanks sarah for all your work you put into this! :-)
here's my next try:
Auðun has his bear with him, and intends now to go south to Denmark on a meeting of the king Svein(-r ?) and to give him the bear. And when he came south into the land, there over which the king ruled, then he goes up from the ship, and leads after him the bear, and rents himself a lodging.
King Harald was told that a bear had come, a great treasure, and on an Icelandic man (or: and an Icelandic man ownes it?). The king sends immediately men after him, and when Auðun came to the king, he greats the king well. The king took his greeting well and asked then: "Do you own a great treasure in a bear?" He answered and said that he owns some bear.
probably i'll try and write some remarks later...

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