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From: Arnaud Fournet
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Date: 2008-10-09

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From: "Rick McCallister" <gabaroo6958@...>
>> =============
>> The form tursk may be the name Etruscans adopted for
>> themselves from their
>> neighbours.
>> lost of initial e : because Etruscan has stress on initial,
>> the e must be
>> discarded to stress tursk on the first.
>> metathesis : because out of etrurousk, variants like
>> etrursk > etursk have
>> existed.
>> It may not be a metathesis but a different simplification
>> of -uru:-
>> short u : because Etruscan had no long vowel.
>> I'm very sceptical about the idea of rejecting any
>> connection between etrusk
>> and tursk.
>> It seems impossible. Toscana and Etruria are more or less
>> the same place, or
>> not ?
>> Arnaud
>> ============
> I'm neutral on the idea but want to hear what people think.
> The Etruscans, BTW, called themselves Rasenna > later Rasna.
> And some people go togreat lengths to shoehorn this into the other forms
> as well.
Some people do not really accept that Rasenna refers to Etruscans.
Maybe a citation with translation might help make up one's mind about this.