Horse Sense (was: [tied] Re: Hachmann versus Kossack?)

From: etherman23
Message: 57280
Date: 2008-04-14

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> wrote:
> >> Indo-iranian works only if we accept the fancy that kw and k+w are
> >> not the same.
> >> A notion that circularly refers to reconstructoids that are dubious.
> > k^w, kw, and kW are clearly different. To hear the difference between
> > kw and kW just listen to the words quick and awkward.
> Ray
> ===========
> If it were so clearly different, I wonder why people like Meillet, W.
> Lehmann, Beekes, Bomhard work with only two series.

Because k^ and k are frequently assumed to be allophones. Not everyone
agrees. In any case Indic points towards *k^w.

> I suppose awkward is syllabicated awk # ward.
> We have no reason to suppose English syllabication applies to PIE,
or do we
> ?

I never argued for such a thing. I'm merely pointing out that kW and
kw are distinguishable.

> Until I've been comprehensively refuted, I consider that
> k+w = kw but k^w is KHw with KH being an intensive velar resulting
from any
> velar + H1.

I suppose the utter lack of any evidence for this is not a refutation.