Re: Not "catching the wind " , or, what ARE we discussing?

From: Patrick Ryan
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Date: 2008-04-14

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I ran across the "Nubian" word cited in an old paper, and I don't
know what I did with the reference, but it seemed to me like a mere
chance resemblance. The author didn't say whether this "Nubian" word
was dialectal Amharic, or from some non-AA language, or what. It
seems highly unlikely that Europeans would go beyond Alexandria for
cats, and highly unlikely that they would adopt a word for 'cat' from
distant Nubia, rather than whatever Alexandrians called them, if
indeed they needed to adopt a new word at all.

More by Friday, hopefully ... the detailed justification of *katta as
a Messapic or related hypocorism requires pulling together a fair
number of references, and opens at least two other cans of worms.




Mind explaining how Arabic <qiTTu-n> fits into your argument?