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From: Richard Wordingham
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Date: 2006-02-12

I believe this was sent to the moderators in error:

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Let me mention a few Serbian words which eventually might be of some
help here:
goveda (cattle) --> Govinda (Hindu deity Krsna, "protector")
ziveti --> live (leben, Lat. libatio > Serb.livati - to pour water or
drink into a basin, tank or glass)
uzivati --> injoy, relish - in both cases (live, ziveti) life is
firmly connected with joy and celebration.
Additionally: in Serb. there is a noun zivljenje, in fact ziv-lijenje
or ziv-livanje where the second part of this word could be compared to
Eng. life or Deutch Leben.
gibanje --> (possible consonant mutation g>z; gibati - ziveti)
movement of an object in different directions likewise water.
kuvanje (cooking), kovanje (forge, coin), akov (an old measure for
fluid), kupanje (bathing, swimming); all this words are directly or
indirectly related to water (Lat. aqua)
zivo, zivotno --> alive - Greek. zotanos Lat. vivo

Of course, it could be just a chance resemblance and I would be happy
to here your precious opinion.

Best regards,
Dusan Vukotic