Re: [tied] Tocharian queries

From: george knysh
Message: 43373
Date: 2006-02-11

--- Petr Hrubis <hrubisp@...> wrote:

> Check this site:
> (Put "loan" or "borrow" in the "In any field"
> textbox
> and press "enter" - I apologize to tell you what you
> might know already. ;))
> Best regards,
> Petr

*****GK: Thank you very much indeed. For this and the
prior post. I'll check this out carefully. It sure
looks (barring something) that proto-Tocharian
borrowed nothing from known developed IE languages
other than those already noted. Which suggests that if
there were other loans, they occurred at a time when
none of the donor tongues had yet moved very far from
PIE. Your point about palatalization confirms the
already well-known non-participation of Toch. in the
satemization process. It intimates even if it does not
prove that proto-Toch. probably remained isolated in
the East for aeons before the activization of the
ultimate great silk road. They were somewhere "beyond"
the Herodotan "griffons". And they left the "homeland"
even before the constitution of the
Indo-Iranian-Nuristani complex. Thus before the late
IVth mill. BC...The IIN "drang nach osten" was thus
preceded by other such. Nothing new here. Just
reconfirming for my purposes (:=)))*******

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