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From: tegnalos
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Date: 2005-10-04

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> Really, we should not treat the thesis of fully regular development
> seriously.

Indeed. What do you think of the following:

Latin: cado, cadere 'to fall'
Slavic: padQ, pasti (pad+ti) 'to fall'

The two come from the same root, as it is also shown by words such
occidens / zapadU, 'west'; coincidere (cum + in + cid-) / sUvUpadati
(sU + vU + pad-) 'to fall together, coincide'. However, Latin root
cad- and Sanskrit sad 'to sink down' don't agree with Slavic pad-
from the point of view of fully regular development of initial
consonants. This has lead many linguists to consider Latin cad- and
Slavic pad- as unrelated, which is absurd. (It seems that the
psychological effect of seeing as similar two words begining with the
same letter is too strong even for linguists).

Moreover, Slavic pad- does agree with Germanic fallanan 'to fall' in
the regular development of initial consonants, but not in the rest of
the stem.