Re: Re[2]: [tied] *kW- "?"

From: glen gordon
Message: 40071
Date: 2005-09-17

> 'Markedness' is a useless concept.
> If it had any legitimacy, Khoisan could not exist
> with its very "marked" clicks.

> This is an absurd straw man.

> Why do you not explain why this is absurd?

Simple: Markedness shows that Khoisan clicks are
EXCEEDINGLY RARE, _not_ non-existent.

Since Khoisan clicks are a REALITY, not a theory, we
must accept this rarity as a fact. Markedness is
not contradicted by this fact. Pay attention.

IE is not a 'fact' but an ongoing theory. Since a
theory can never be accepted as absolute fact, it
must be _changed_ to suit reality because reality
cannot be changed to suit schizophrenia.

= gLeN

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