Re: [tied] More Slavic accentology

From: Anders R. Jørgensen
Message: 35402
Date: 2004-12-09

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> > On Thu, 09 Dec 2004 00:13:01 +0000, Thomas Olander
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> >>In Pre-Slavic, words with mobile accentuation containing a
medial cluster
> >> C1C2 (where C1
> >>= obstruent, C2 = any consonant, probably except j and w) get
> >> root-stress (yielding
> >>CS a.p. a or - via Dybo's law - a.p. b).

> My only problem with this theory in verbs is that it does not
explain the
> so-called "mixed type" in verbs (infinitive/l-participle a. p. a,
> a. p. c): it works with *kla´´sti, *kla^doN, *kla´´dl7, but not
with for
> instance *gri´´zti, *gri^zoN, *gri´´zl7.

I think that this would be covered by the retraction as well (C1 is
an obstruent). Infinitives of the type *nes^-téi probably had
retraction as well, giving *nés-ti:, but since the vowel was short,
Dybo's Law gave it end-stress once more, > *nes-tí.