Re: [tied] Re: Your historical timeline

From: alex
Message: 35264
Date: 2004-12-02

Brian M. Scott wrote:
> Mm, no. In order to have an expected value, you have to
> have a probability distribution, which in turn depends on
> your underlying assumptions. Your claim that the expected
> value is zero is, in your words, 'only an affirmation'. In
> fact I see no way to estimate an expected value.
> Brian

the assumtions have been given by George, so how I understood it:
-the Dacians migrated ( they becoming Albanians). On their way to actually
Albania, they founded cities, one of them being Thermidava. The fact there
is just one (known)"-dava" makes the things strange because there is
expected on the assumtion of George, the values should be bigger as 1 on
their way to Albania. The "expected value" should be more as "1" we have and
geographicaly they (the new builded -davas) should be amplaced on the way
from Dacia to Albania. Right?