Re: [tied] The word for horse

From: alex_lycos
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Date: 2003-02-10

Piotr Gasiorowski wrote:
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> But you see what I mean. The two roots behave similarly with respect
> to derivation. There's no rhotacism in either case, since both come
> from Latin words with /-ll-/ (calle-, caballu-)
> Piotr

I showed you words where is no rotacism of a simple "l" too. .
Unfortunately, I am just an amator , I cannot show you the stem of *kel-
in dacian and I dont have a Corpus of dacian texts.I even dont know if
this is dacian.
I just see:
Ionian= keler= on the horse back
latin= caballarius= on the horseback ( soin DEX ) even for "incaleca"=
Latin incaballicare ( so DEX)
Romanian: calare= on the horseback
Old Latin: celeres= corpus eqvestru= on the horseback
Latin 'calo"= the boy who took care of horses.

If all these are just coincidences, you must agree in Balcans was
something going on. Someone played a strange game there and made an
verytable melting pot. I wonder about this "degeneration" of latin words
in Romanian . Why I say degeneration? Because are a lot of words which
points to pre-latin forms:
ovis, pie *oi, roman oaie ( pl oi)
cabalus, pie *kel-, romanian cal
oculus, Old Latin 'ocus', romanian oki
I can continue with more examples . OK, let them with no explanation.
This should be just curiosities.