Re: [tied] a question regarding Latin nasal

From: alex_lycos
Message: 18655
Date: 2003-02-09

Miguel Carrasquer wrote:

>> 2) rom. Word cãtuSa (handcuffs) is given with unknown etymology
>> 3) the PIE cognates for "serpens" shows no "n"
> They do: Skt. sarpant-, Grk. hérpo:n (hérpont-) "the creeping one"

Miguel, I just begun to search my bad dictionary ( there are by far not
all the words how I cuold see).
I just looked a bit and I found an another one:

Latin :"densus"
Greek : dasos
Romanian : des

This got me indeed curious now, I will search for more.It seems I have
to take a credit for an ethymologic dictionary of Latin.
Anyone has one to sell? ( I am just half joking now )