Re: [tied] Re: Green

From: alex_lycos
Message: 18221
Date: 2003-01-28

richard.wordingham@... wrote:
>> feel angry. But when I see that a short /i/ remains /i/ in Romanian
>> despite the demonstration of Miguel , I must wonder about
> Alex, it takes about 200 rules to derive French from Latin, so do not
> be surprised by the complexity. (And that's probably 400 rules for
> the sound change applier!) Can you truly derive Romanian more simply
> from PIE than from Latin? Try applying a set of rules. The
> complexity of Romanian plurals guarantees that you will need a lot of
> rules. Moreover, looking at your proposed derivations of cârd and
> ghearã, what determines the outcome of PIE *e? Why does /g/ remain
> hard in ghearã, when softening is a synchronic rule in Romanian
> inflection? How consistent is your set of rules?
> If you want another set of complex vowel developments, look (if
> possible) at the development of Old English vowels. There you've got
> breaking *and* smoothing on top of i-umlaut and a dash of u-umlaut!
> Richard

Richard, I don't have any set of rules. I just see that there are words
which derive more easy from the PIE roots and that there are words who
needs many rules how you say. From the level of knowledge I have now I
cannot show a set of rules since I never tried to make any. In so far I
understand Piotr that he become angry because I show just what doesn't
work but I don't give a set a rules for showing how it will work.
OK, for a while I will keep myself out here. I just want to see now
indeed what about this short /i/ with more pertinent examples. One
should be wrong but I see that in Latin you have a, e , i, o, u, long
and short, stressed and unstressed. that means that in Latin you have
the whole spectrum of vowels which you ever can think about. Covering
the whole scale of vocalismus there should be very little chance that
you cannot find rules for deriving from Latin . In how far these
derivation are correct, I cannot say. One of the best example is Latin
"cingo" ( kingo) which gave in Romanian "incinge" ( întSinjhe) but too
"chinga" (kingã) in the same medium. OK, I will revert when I will have
a rule since without them everything I say is just "wasting time" and
"boring people" and of course, very trolling.
Thank you for your co-operation Richard.