Re: [tied] Labiovelars

From: aquila_grande
Message: 18222
Date: 2003-01-28


I understand that opposition.

But I have a difficulty in really believing that such a minimal
phonetic difference as it have to be between a labiovelar (The velar
and labial component articulated simultaneously) and the sequence kW
could constitute a phonemic difference.

I think the difference must somehow have been greater. Perhaps the W-
component in kW was syllabic? Or perhaps there was some other added

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> > >Was there really in IE an opposition between the labiovelars kw,
> > >and ghw and the sequenses ku gu and ghu (with ayllabic u)
> >
> > Don't you understand the difference between *kWi- "who, what" and
> > *kwon-? The latter becomes Sanskrit /s'van-/ because of
> palatalisation
> > of *k. However *kW- normally becomes Sanskrit /k/ or when
> palatalized
> > it becomes /c/.
> >
> > - gLeN
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