Re: [tied] Re: yellow

From: Miguel Carrasquer
Message: 18036
Date: 2003-01-24

On Fri, 24 Jan 2003 17:59:46 +0100, "alex_lycos" <altamix@...>

>Aaam, well, it seems I have not succeeded to say very clear what I
>meant. I want to say that the word "alb" can be very well a word from
>substrate. And for remembering why I see it so, I given the name of
>Albocensii, Alboca names of Getic tribes and name of Getic city.. If you
>will tell me that a name of a tribe doesn't mean that the language of
>this tribe could have had the root "alb" for "white" in their language,
>I will tell you that even today in Romanian are family name like "Albu",
>which corresponds with the word for the colour "white".
>Of course I have no Getic gloss for showing you this "black on white"
>but I very doubt that in Thracian "alb" could mean something else as

We don't have Thracian *alb-, but we do have Albanian elp (elbi)
(possibly < *albhi-). What do you think it means?

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal