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From: alex_lycos
Message: 18035
Date: 2003-01-24

gs001ns@... wrote:

> A translation attempt: <Al. wishes to say>
> <<"Romanian "alb" (masc. & neutr. sing.) and "alba" (fem. sing.),
> "albi" (masc. plur.), "albe" (fem. & neutr. plur.) cannot be of
> Latin origin, since in the territory of the ancient Dacian-Moesian-
> Thracian & Illyrian populations there were toponyms such as
> "Alboca", as well as populaces known (in Latin) as "Albocensi">>
> rgds,
> George Stana

Thank you for your help George. A little corrections here tough.
1) the Rom. "alb" can be of another orgin as Latin because of
explanation I gave
2) the toponyms and populations were known in Greek first not "in Latin"
or "just" in Latin:-)