[tied] Re: Translation

From: danjmi
Message: 17838
Date: 2003-01-20

There it is indeed, with the accented characters and the Greek
showing perfectly on my screen. And there's root #30 'ai-dh-
' "brennen", "leuchten", with the Old Irish 'a/ed'.
Thanks, Piotr!

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> > There was an on-line Pokorny, that I had bookmarked but
> > consulted, because my Mac couldn't handle the fonts. Now I have
> > PC, I can't find it. Is it still somewhere in cyberspace?
> The friendly interface, if your browser can handle large files, is
> http://flaez.ch/pokorny.html
> Starostin's full interface is at
> http://iiasnt.leidenuniv.nl/ied/index2.html
> Richard.