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Date: 2003-01-20

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The most intriguing part is the reference in "AP. IX, 300" (what is it?
can you check it up in Tomaschek's list of abbreviations?)

I am disappointed I cannot help here. Unfortunately, in Tomaschek'S work
there is no list of abbreviations. I have here the edition from 1893
which came last week from Library of Wien and a second one reedited in
1975 after the old edition.
In none of them is any abbreviation's list like we know in the works of
Theodor Mommsen for instance.
Tomaschek speaks about his work which is based on the glosses of Paul de
Lagarde "Gesammelten Abhandlungen", Leipzig 1886" and the Glosses
treated by A. Fick and his work "Spracheinheit der Indogermanen
Europa's"; Göttingen 1873. And his own glosses of course.
Unfortunately, this bad habit of using abbreviation with no list is not
only by Tomascheck but Dimitri Detschev, Ivan Duridanov and II Russu
have the same habit. I have no idea if at least Georgiev has a such a
list in his work.
I have the work of all 4 here, except Georgiev and none took the good
example of giving a list of abbreviation:-(

I rememebr somewhere in the book Tomascheck says more about Morelli, but
I dont know exactly where. I have to re-read the boog again for finding