Re: house and hip

From: g
Message: 17555
Date: 2003-01-13

>In whole romance world you have reflexes of "las-", "lassa mi", "laise
>moi", etc.

In Romanian, "lasã-mã!" (eu las, tu la$i, el lasã, noi lãsãm, voi lãsatzi,
ei lasã / Praeteritum: lãs-am, -ai, -a, -am, -atzi, -au / Perfect: lãs-ai,
-ã, -arãm, -arãtzi, -arã / etc./ lãsare / lãsând / (de) lãsat; examples
"Lãsatzi-mã sã cânt!", "Lãsata" or "Lãsatul Secului" starting with Ash

>You have an "leapSa"= a children's game or a slap given to

Does DEX state that?! I expect it to say that "leap$a" is based on an
onomatopeic word;"lipa-lipa & leap-leap"!

>Since just in Romanian and Albanian is the cluster "ps/fsh" Idon't see
>why i have to believe that Latin "x" merged in "ps" in romanian since in
>the time the romans came in Balcans there was no "x" anymore in use..

Perhaps due to an othorhynolaringological occurrence, split palate,
Gaumenspalte, /k/ was difficult to pronounce, so one replaced it with
another "exploding" consonant, /p/ (SCNR :-).