Re: house and hip

From: g
Message: 17556
Date: 2003-01-13

> The confusion between /ks/ and /s/ starts in late Latin, but is
>not generalized (see for instance hypercorrect forms in AP: "miles
>non milex", "aries non ariex", "poples non poplex", etc.; see also
>common spelling errors like "vissit" for "vixit"). Not being quite
>generalized, it still gives different reflexes in Eastern Romance
>(e.g. Vegl. <kopsa>).

Alex can find good examples in his Latin-German dicitonary
"Der kleine Stowasser", pp. 292 and 293:

lassus (< *lad-tos, see paragr. 36 of the "Laut- & Formenlehre",
i.e. Phonetics & Morphology) in the same book; and cf. Greek ledeĆ­n,
Goth lats, Old High German laz, + cf. paragr. 10 & 12 of the same
"Formenlehre") = tired, flabby


laxus (adverb) = loosely, flabbily, floppily

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> Marius Iacomi