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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2003-01-12

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> Since just in Romanian and Albanian is the cluster "ps/fsh" Idon't see
why i have to believe that Latin "x" merged in "ps" in romanian since in
the time the romans came in Balcans there was no "x" anymore in use..
Therefore I think this is an substratum word. Maybe Miguel will help a
bit here and will show us why "copasa" but "lãsa".

Marius has already explained the <coapsã> : <lãsa> contrast. The next apparent counterexample you might come up with is <$ase> 'six'; this, however, is not a regular development of Lat. sex (we'd expect *<$ei>, cf. Vegl. si, Venetian sié), but a form whose vocalism may have been influenced by that of <$apte> (from *sieapte < *siepte < septem), with /-s-/ "restored" from derivatives. Anyway, sex > ses already in Proto-Romance (word-finally the confusion was particularly frequent; for examples see the Appendix Probi), so one could also posit Proto-Romance *sese (with analogical *-e) > *siese > *siease > $ase, I suppose.