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Message: 17364
Date: 2003-01-03

richard.wordingham@... wrote:
>> lat caelus= sky, etc)" I am pretty curious where from you got these
>> rules, but I guess you was thinking just at the interrogative
> pronouns.
> Well, Miguel does cite quaero > cer.
> Richard.

Well, Miguell must know better then . The romanian linguist derive rom.
"cer"= sky from latin "caelum"= "sky"
with cognates in romances:
latin "caelum", rom. "cer", vegliot "Cil ", italian "cielo", french
"ciel", spaniol "cielo", portugez "ceo"

But I guess you or Miguell meant " cere" the verb " a cere"= to demand
since Latin "quaere" has senses appropriate to Romanian verb.
If so, maybe could someone explains too what about the verb "a cerSi"=
to demand with insistence, better said, "to beg". At least DEX gives it
as being derived from "cere" but it doesn't loose a word about which
suffix should be there. Just an arid remark :" cf. cere"
Maybe you will like to know that Latin "ci", went " chi" in Romanian
girth, belt ="ching√£"< Lat. cingula. Of course for matching the rule
there is supposed a Latin "*clinga" as well as for rennet " cheag" <
coagulum is supposed a Latin "*clagum". There are many, indeed many such
examples but I don't want to go so far since this is not a properly
list. By the way, is there a Romanistic list on yahoo?:-))