[tied] Re: The Tongue

From: Richard Wordingham Message: 17367
Date: 2003-01-03

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> > Well, Miguel does cite quaero > cer.
> But I guess you or Miguell meant " cere" the verb " a cere"= to
> since Latin "quaere" has senses appropriate to Romanian verb.

It would make sense. I must admit I find unglossed citations

> Maybe you will like to know that Latin "ci", went " chi" in Romanian
> too.
> girth, belt ="ching√£"< Lat. cingula. Of course for matching the rule
> there is supposed a Latin "*clinga" as well as for rennet " cheag" <
> coagulum is supposed a Latin "*clagum". There are many, indeed many
> examples but I don't want to go so far since this is not a properly
> list.

They're a parallel pair. Lat. cingula > Romance *cingla is certain,
and I suppose *cingla > *clinga or *clingla is just about possible,
though I must admit I would have thought that the palatalisation of
<c> might have prevented the metathesis. If cheag < *clagum is
regular, then I would have thought a development such as Lat.
coagulum > Romance coaglo > caglo > cheagu > Romanian cheag was
entirely plausible, but I may be mistaken.