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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2003-01-02

Oh, come on, Alex. The Hellenistic koine was based mostly on the Attic dialect and had no digamma. The word was <kalos> in Hellenistic and Byzantine Greek. If you want the whole truth, Modern Greek still has <kalos> in this very form, though its primary meaning has shifted a little since ancient times (it now means 'good, kind').


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> Piotr Gasiorowski wrote:
> > <kalwos> occurred only in the dialects that hadn't lost the 'digamma"
> > (<w>). In Attic Greek the word was <kalos>, one of the most familiar
> > Greek adjectives! Use a better dictionary; if you need an online one,
> > I recommend this:
> >
> >
> >
> > Check the entry for <kalos>:
> >
> >
> 0057%3Aentry%3D%2352841
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> > Piotr
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> Thank you for the entries Potr.I need an online one since I cannot go to
> library every evening when I remember a word:-)) It will help me a lot .
> Just one tought more. Attic greek and valahs?We can speak about koine
> and valahs maybe, about bizantine greek and valahs, but attic and
> valahs?