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From: P&G
Message: 17353
Date: 2003-01-03

>Attic greek and valahs?We can speak about koine
> and valahs maybe, about bizantine greek and valahs, but attic and
> valahs?

Attic is the basis of Koine. Koine is Attic without its wilder
aberrations, and with some simplifications of the grammar. That is why
Piotr (rightly) mentioned kalos as an Attic form - any Classical Greek
dictionary will give you the Attic forms. For specifically koine forms you
need specialist literature, but for such a common word as kalos, it's not
worth the bother - the Attic form survives with an identical meaning into
Koine. You will find it, for example, throughout the LXX and the New
Testament, as well as the adverb kalo:s.