Re: -poulos and -putra, Iberian -ez patronymic

From: g
Message: 17323
Date: 2003-01-02

> >It's interesting. Pullus (fem. pulla) is origin of French poule "hen",
> in Portuguese we have poleiro (<pullarius) "roost". Pullus also means
> "foal", < *pwol-no- *pwL-no, allways in the root 'child'.
>Eng. foal < OE fola < PGmc. *ful-o:(n) (a weak stem), but Lat. pullus has
>been analysed in more than one way. The underlying root is widespread
>*pau- (*pah2u-?) extended with various suffixes:

Also in Romanian "pui" /puj/ (child - both human & animals in general; as
well as of birds). Feminine "puica". Also in Hungarian "puja" /'pu-jO/,
whereas "pujka" /'puj-kO/ = "turkey".