Re: [tied] greek phallus +correction

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-12-12

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Subject: Re: [tied] greek phallus +correction

> do you meant now with " there is no connection with 'phallus' " the
> slavic word or the romanian one? And if romanian then which from both ?
> I forgot to say that in albanian is too this word. So far my dictionary
> doesnt lie, there is an entry for germ. "schwantz" in albanian which
> mean "palle:".

I don't know the origin of <pallë> offhand, but it also has meanings like 'sword, paddle', so the meaning you give is more likely metaphorical than original. Romanian fala and Albanian (të) fala 'greetings' are borrowings from Slavic (where *xv- came to be pronounced as [xf-], easily simplified to [f-]). As such, they have nothing to do with <pHallos>.