Re: [tied] The 1ps pronoun *ego:... or is it *eg?

From: tgpedersen
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Date: 2002-12-10

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> > For what it's worth: the libretto to Stravinski's "Oedipus Rex"
(written in French, translated by a classical scholar) has a "Eg'
Oedipus". I suppose the translator was using good models for his
translation, if it's not just a case of "one of the vowels must go"
in the context -V#V- (as still in "La Donna é mobile", -a é- -> - ´e-
> It's a case of crasis (a kind of Greek vowel sandhi), a frequent
phenomenon in poetry and prose. <-o(:) oi-> was contracted to <-o:{i}-
> ({i} = subscript iota), e.g. ego`: oîda --> egô:{i}da.
> Piotr

Actually the libretto is in Latin.
If the phenomenon is that frequent, might it be a way to get from
*egHo: to *egH (*egH' ?)at an early stage?

As for Miguel's Dutch emphatic <ikke> "I", I've heard that too, but
is a similar extra -& also found elsewhere in Dutch as a prosodic
variation? My knowledge of Dutch fails me here.