Re: Morphology 19 update

From: tgpedersen
Message: 17086
Date: 2002-12-10

--- In, "Richard Wordingham >
> *eg^o: <-- *aku is not difficult. It's *eg^ <-- *aku that needs
> explaining. Does concentrating on the three areas help produce
> anything? Have you any dates in mind?
I'll look it up in "Eden in the East".
> > AfroAsiatic have 1sg and 2sg of the type /anek/, /anti/ (cited
> > memory!). Factor out an- and IE forms appear (almost). As for the
> > latter, Miguel has proposed 2sg derived from the "universal"
> > demonstrative *te.
> Are you abandoning your SE Asian suggestion for *eg^(H)(o:/om),
> Richard.

For purely tactical reasons, since I'd like to have some temporal
scope beyond the advent of IE on the scene to play with, I think I'd
propose AN -> AfAs -> IE. Thus I could propose borrowing of AN <aku>
into AfAs, and from there into IE, after which AfAs dropped the last
As for need and necessity, please note that Miss Piggy, although a
native English speaker, on occasion will use the foreign pronoun