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From: alexmoeller@...
Message: 17056
Date: 2002-12-08

I have one question where I shouldlike to know what I have toconsider,
or how i have to consider it.
We take for instance the english word "coast".
The etymology of this word is from Old. Frenc "costA2 . The old French
word come from latin
costa= rip.
But interesting here is the developing ov the sense:
eng= coast
german= Küsste -- where does the german sens come from?
romanian= coastã which means "rip", coast, side of the mountain.
In all 4 languages french , english, german, romanian we have the
meaning of coast which
was not in latin. How I have to see the connection here?How I have to
explain myself this one?
Why in 4 different languages there is a common sense ?
Which is theinfluence here?
I hope I am not so boring, but for a such relationship I simply cannot
see right
which one could influence the another one.
The rom. word is not giving as coming from german or french, but from
latin "costa".
And as cognates here, we see latin ripa (Dacia Ripensis), german Rippe
( =rib) and romanian râpã.
It seens very curious to me these two words. Costa & ripa.
Do you have any ideea about?