From: Patrick McConvell
Message: 16785
Date: 2002-11-18

I am hoping someone can clear up confusions I have about the Mysian
language. I am talking about the ancient language of Mysia in north-west
Anatolia, between Troy and Pergamum, which presumably became extinct in the
early part of the first millenium AD. The LINGUIST listing of extinct
languages says its classification is unknown, yet others seem to think it is
definitely Indo-European at least, although whether it might be related to
Hittite, Thracian or Phrygian seems disputed. The other confusion is that
the term Mysian is also applied to a Balkan language of Mysia or Moesia, and
the term Daco-Mysian is also used. I am unclear whether people think this is
actually the same as the Anatolian language Mysian or closely related; this
may be explained somewhere so I would be glad of references. The third
question I have is whether there are any actual examples of Mysian.(the
Anatolian one) in inscriptions, Greek or Latin texts or inferred from names
etc. I could not find anything on a quick internet search. If there are
none or very few, it is of course not surprising that no definite
conclusions about affiliation have been reached.

Patrick McConvell